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Non Gmo Alcohol Based Tincture - 2 oz & 4 oz

  1. Alchornea Cordifolia
  2. Andrographis Paniculata
  3. 3 Herb Babs Blend - CSA - Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta/SidaAcuta/Alchornea Cordifolia
  4. 3 Herb Bart Blend - Sida Acuta/Houttuynia Cordata/Japanese Knotweed
  5. Bidens Pilosa
  6. Cat's Claw - Read Stephen Buhner's "TOA Free" Cat's Claw controversy opinion  in above tabs
  7. Campsiandra Angustifolia - Cumanda's botantical herb name
  8. Cryptolepis Sanguinolenta 
  9. Houttuynia Cordata
  10. Japanese Knotweed
  11. Otoba Bark - Banderol's botanical herb name
  12. Sida Acuta
  13. Stephania Tetandra - not in stock
  14. Teasel  
  15. Desmodium Molliculum / Pimpinella Anisum is Burbur-Pinella's botantical herb name

    *We are currently out of Stephania Tetrandra. We are not sure when it will be available again. We are very sorry for this convenience to you.

Non Gmo Glycerine Based Tincture - 2 oz & 4 oz

  1. Otoba Parvifolia = Banderol's botanical plant name
  2. Cat's Claw

     *PLEASE READ - Wildcraft Herbs only carries 4 glycerine based tincture meaning all the rest are non gmo alcohol based unless you see the word GLYCERINE.


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